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About me as a performer

My favorite type of music, as a performer, is quartet music.  There is an intimacy that comes with performing with and listening to a quartet that is not the same as solo or orchestral music.  It is my dream to form an ensemble and tour in concert series.  Until then,  I am glad to gather my friends and colleagues to perform at your special occasion and to share our love for music.


To make a request

Please email me at  I would appreciate an email for performance requests as this will help me keep track of information and details regarding your event.


You are welcome to call me if you have any questions.


We would appreciate at least one month notice before the event, so I can make sure everyone is available and has the appropriate information and materials.


If you have specific requests, let me know in the initial email.  We have standard classical repertoire including quartets by Mozart, Handel, and Haydn.  We also have some tangos and other contemporary music for quartets.


If you have some requests for contemporary or popular songs but we do not have the arrangements, I can make the arrangements.  For every individual piece, I will charge the fee to buy the score (normally about $10) and I will charge $25 to make the arrangement.  



I charge varying amounts depending upon the number of musicians, number of hours, and the distance from Denver.


A standard quartet is the best deal since music already exists in abundance for a string quartet and the musicians are likely to already know most, if not all, of the standard materials.  The increase in price for fewer musicians takes into account some of the extra work required of the musicians.


Standard Quartet at First Hour:                                   $400

after the first hour:                                                $300 per additional hour

Standard Quartet plus x musicians at First Hour:     $400 + $100x

after the first hour:                                                $300 + $75x per additional hour

Trio or duet at First Hour:                                              $450

after the first hour:                                                $360 per additional hour

For solo at First Hour:                                                    $500

after the first hour:                                                $300 per additional hour



Unless otherwise requested, we will wear all black and no jackets.  Please let me know upon initial contact about any requests.



Outdoor events are always very difficult for the musicians.  We can and will perform outdoors, but please be aware that our wooden instruments may be damaged by the elements, so we will pack away our instruments at the first sign of precipitation.

If someone from the ensemble other than me is negotiating the agreements, I will abide by their policies.  If I am negotiating the agreements, these are my policies.



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