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Music and Downloads


Here is some free music to give you something new and interesting to learn!  You can also find exercises to help you improve your techniques and knowledge of the instrument!

Free Music


Follow this link to my Dropbox account.  I will constantly be adding, editing, and arranging more songs!

Looking for a certain song or need a different clef?

Solo Repertoire

Here is a list of some of my repertoire:

"Sonata in F minor" by Johannes Brahms

"Sonata in Eb" by Alessandro Rolla

"Asturias" by Isacc Albeniz arr. by Michael Hernandez

"Viola Concerto" by William Walton

"Toccata" by Girolamo Frescobaldi

"Appassionato" and "Pensiero" by Frank Bridge

"Elegie" by Igor Stravinsky

"Emerald Isle" by Michael Kimber

"Romanze in F" by Max Bruch

"Arpeggione" by Franz Schubert

5 of the 6 Cello Suites by Johann S Bach

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