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Attention violin and viola players!

Grab your practice guide!  Improve your playing in 30 days!

I enjoy taking lessons from Kris. He makes sure that intonation is correct but also emphasizes how to express the music beyond reading notes from the score. By combining methods that include basic practices such as scale and etudes with solo pieces is helping me to play the viola with more confidence. I also play in amateur orchestras and Kris has many tips to be a good team player in an ensemble while making sure that I'm responsible for my own sound. My lessons take place online because I live in Tokyo, but I feel that I'm receiving good feedback to become a better viola player. Thanks Kris!

~~~ Isao

"I am an adult who is beginning violin lessons.  Kris is very patient with my fumbling and his sense of humor makes my lessons fun.  I am encouraged, but those times when I am in a slump, Kris is understanding and gives me helpful tips to make learning and playing violin eaisier.  Kris arrives promptly for my lessons and I feel he is a great teacher.  I would recommend him to others."

~~~ Bernadette

"I've been taking lessons from Kris for about a year and a half and I have learned much more from him than my previous orchestra teachers.  He helps you with learning things you struggle with and teaches you music of your taste.  He laughs and cracks jokes during practice so it's never a boring class!  He is probably the best teacher I have had. 


~~~ Elizabeth

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